Adam Edwin and Rowland Mueller

From L-R: Edwin, Adam, Rowland (postcard from Eugene anderson)

Alma Ratzlaff

Alma Ruth Ratzlaff with Roland before he married

Anderson family

Doug Jr., Edna, Doug Sr., Wilma, Shelly, and Shari

Adam C. and Elizabeth Becker

Edna's porch

On porch: Sam, Edith, Grandma Tarbet, Jessica.

Below: Wilt, Hugh, Add and his two children

Edna Tarbet

Ernest brothers

L-R Ernest, Julius, Theodore, William, Fred

Ernest children

Rowland, Theodosia (Dosia), and Adam


Farm yard of Adam C Becker, looking east. Far left is the chicken house. First house in the area, note the car in the garage. (1919)

Isleman Children

Lucas (4 years) and Teagan (7 mos.)

Family of Joe H and Shirley Mueller

Standing: Tim, Carol, Ray, Sharon, Ron, Georgia (holding Kathryn), Steve, Joe, Regina (Gonzales).

Seated: Beth, Brian, Todd, Roberta, Shirley, Joseph, Sondra (Lundeen), Shirley Ann Snider, Chris Drummond, Scott Drummond.

On floor: Kenneth Snider, Annie Drummond, Jenny Drummond

Meno Grandma

Lyman's Children: Cherie, Christy, Cindy, Thomas, Timothy (1973)

Joan Ozarkiewitz

Theodore Adam Family

Children L-R: Rowland, Voltair, Edwin, Adam

Theodore Henry Family

Theodore Henry, Theodosia, Anna Becker, and Adam Mueller

Theodore Henry Sons

L-R: Rowland, Mabel, Edwin, Amelia, and Adam (1988)

Theodore and Anna

Theodore Henry and Anna Becker Mueller (original photo)

Theodore and Anna

Theodore Henry and Anna Becker Mueller (reprint photo)

Theodore Henry Family

Theodore Henry and Anna Becker Mueller with their children - Rowland, Adam, and Edwin

Ted and Lyman Mueller Families

L-R: Ted, LuGene, Berneil, Ameia, Cherie, Christy, Melain, Caryn, Kimberly, Arlis, Timothy, Lyman, Thomas. Kansas - 1976

Bob Wahler

Son of Gladys

Little Johnnie Wahler

4 years old

Adam and Amelia Mueller Wedding

August 14, 1976

William (Will) Gladden Family